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The Rise Up For You team is super supportive, brilliant, and motivating. I have received FAR more than I expected. I look forward to working together on future endeavors. 


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The Top Skills You Need to Be The Best You, You Can Be 
Your family, your team, and the world needs you now more than ever!

This FREE course covers the most essential skills needed in today's world! Let's face it, technical skills are just not enough anymore to push your personal potential, your professional potential, or your potential as a leader. This course shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to become your best and build a thriving life in all areas!

Rise Up For You has worked with organizations and professionals around the world teaching the very skills needed to enhance not only company development for teams but personal development for the individual.
  • 4 part course, 10 videos of absolute value
  • ​Course work covered: The 6 Pillars to Success, Confidence, Public Speaking and Presence, and Emotional Intelligence
  • 4 Workbooks for each module with over 60 pages of content
  • Feature: FREE Bonus coaching session for you!

Jumpstart your journey to becoming your best now and get exactly what you need to thrive in both your personal life and your career. 
You can have it all and we show you how! 
Here's just a few outcomes you will achieve:

Learn the 6 Pillars to Success that creates happiness, fulfillment, and whole living!
 Discover the #1 skill needed for success and why 83% of professionals struggle to achieve it. 
 Gain access to the 6 step blueprint to building a life that you are proud of on your own terms. 
Understand the foundations of Emotional Intelligence and the 4 pillars associated with great leadership, building trust, and communication. 
 Discover Nada Lena's, the founder of Rise Up For You, top strategy on rebuilding self confidence. 
 Build best practices to showing up, presenting, and speaking in front of others whether it's in a meeting or in front of a large crowd. 
   Brenda C.

Amazing, inspiring, thoughtful. I left    really thinking of what I want next, and    how to plan that out! 
Jorge M.

I highly recommend Rise Up For You to anyone that wants to experience growth in their lives and simply just wants to get better. Whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or just starting out in your career, this program will definitely benefit you. Bravo to Nada and her amazing team for the great work they are doing.
  Noha T.

I highly recommend the course and working with Nada. I was also encouraged to recommend the Rise Up For You team to some of my graduate clients and they all achieved awesome results...Thank you for all the great work and inspiring presence.
   Matthew K.

I certainly have benefited from the Rise Up For You Success Course.  This program is one of many tools I use daily to stay at the top of my game.
   Andreanna V.

Nada and Rise Up For You team made a huge impact for me during this last year! I wanted to say thank you and your team. I set goals during the success course that I’ve been able to accomplish. I truly appreciate you all! 
   Richard L.

The content is applicable in every aspect of life and I can truly say I'm a better husband and employee as a result of the training. Our organization now knows the value of emotional intelligence and how the lack of EQ can negatively affect every relationship. 

I not only want to recommend Nada but thank her for impact she's made on myself and our organization. Her energy is infectious and her charisma is magnetic; wishing you blessings on blessings.
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